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Web Development

Websites, business apps or dashboards. Pretty much no limits.

Website Development

A website is a crucial part of a business nowadays. It must represent your company in order to reach new customers, but this is not always the easiest part. Let M² Solutions take care of it for you.

Business-Critical Application

Sometimes, there is no software that can do exactly what's needed. Maybe you can get one to work with a lot of time, but it is costly. M² Solutions offers to build your application from scratch assuring complete customization and almost no limits.

Responsive Web Development

Mobile Applications

From design to publishing

A mobile app is a perfect way to reach many thousands of users easily with a game or a social network app. It is also the perfect way to monitor and manage your company on the go wherever you are.

Design & Development

When developing a mobile app, the first thing to consider is user experience. The design must be intuitive and easy to use. Let us take care of this hard task.


Publishing an app is not always easy. There are rules to follow and a price to pay. Let M² Solutions manage your app deployment so you can worry about your new users.

Mobile Application Development

Cloud Infrastructure

Hosting, emails and more!

Web Hosting

Whenever you need to host a web application, it's never easy to find the right place. Here at M² Solutions, we host any kind of apps like ASP.NET, PHP, Tomcat, Ruby and even Node.js! Our infrastructure is rock-solid and you don't have to worry about anything, everything is unlimited.

Office 365

Emails have become an important part in business sales and productivity. Some solutions even allow collaborations beyond simple emails, as with Office 365. Discover the stability and flexibility of having emails in the Cloud. Services from SharePoint to OneDrive, passing by StaffHub and of course, Exchange.

Cloud Storage & Backup

When you need to store your important enterprise data and backups, choose the right place. The Cloud is the perfect place for this. Redundency and physical space is managed for you, and you only pay for what you use. You can store any kind of data, from sensitive documents to your daily backup.

Infrastructure in the Cloud (IaaS)

Having on-premise infrastructure is not always as easy as it looks like. Running servers inside your business is time consuming, costly and dangerous. Imagine your business is caught in a fire? By using Cloud, this never happens, so your business is never affected.

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